An ancient Greek olive variety emerges in these olive groves

"The Giant of Doliana"

About our place

Due to the special geographical and climatic conditions, Kynouria has traditionally had numerous double settlements. So in Doliana, many residents had houses in two villages, one for the summer in the mountains and one for the winter in the lowlands.
Doliana is located east of the prefecture of Arcadia, in the municipality of northern Kynouria.
A village full of olive trees!
In these olive groves, an ancient Greek variety of olive tree emerges, the giant Doliana that you can also find as plum or donkey.
It stands out for its large fruit, it is crunchy, fleshy and full of flavor!
This special variety thrives in the area of ​​Kynouria due to the mild temperatures that prevail and the abundant water that the area of ​​Doliana has.

" Dolianitiko"

The company "To Dolianitiko"

took its name from the homonymous village in an effort to highlight the distinctive product that this place produces.
In 2006, Costas Boutsianis and Georgia Zerva, founders of this business, made a start and a transition from field to shelf.
Having 2000 olive trees from grandfather to grandfather, they changed variety by grafting the trees from oily to edible.
Thus, in 2020, they collected about 70 tons of edible olives from their privately owned lands.

Fruit storage


This precious fruit is stored in barrels for 8 to 10 months until it decomposes naturally, without chemicals and preservatives, to reach the consumer's table.

Our effort is recognized

 Gold Taste Award 2019                                           Olive production award 2017


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